CHP recognizes that building and preserving affordable homes results in housing stability for our residents, but it is the housing-based service coordination at our communities that enables us to further stabilize and support our residents and generate positive health and quality of life outcomes.

We understand that the overall health of our residents is impacted by so much more than traditional factors like genetics and clinical care. Social and economic factors such as education, employment, income, social support, and community safety are all factors that influence length and quality of life, and published research describes how sustained housing stability is a key social determinant of one’s health and quality of life.

CHP has Resident Services Coordinators who work with partners and volunteers in our communities to deliver programs and services to CHP residents to positively impact their social and economic determinants of health. Programming is informed by engaging with the larger community, mapping community assets, building stakeholder relationships, and connecting with residents to assess need. Our services differ for each community based on need, but they all focus on one or more of our three key priorities: community programs, housing stability, and senior services.