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CHP Resident Services works with community partners to coordinate programs and services for CHP residents with a focus on education, health and wellness, financial capability, and community building and engagement. Our programs serve to enhance the health and quality of life of our residents.

CORES logoCHP recognizes that building and preserving affordable homes results in housing stability for our residents, but it is the housing-based service coordination at our communities that enables us to further stabilize and support our residents and generate positive health and quality of life outcomes.

We understand that the overall health of our residents is impacted by so much more than traditional factors like genetics and clinical care. Social and economic factors such as education, employment, income, social support, and community safety are all factors towards length of life, and published research describes how sustained housing stability is a key social determinant of one’s health and quality of life.

CHP has on-site Resident Services Coordinators who work with partners and volunteers in our communities to deliver programs and services to CHP residents to positively impact their social and economic determinants of health. Programming is informed by engaging with the larger community, mapping community assets, building stakeholder relationships, and connecting with residents to assess need. Our services differ for each community based on need, but they all focus on one or more of our four key priorities: education, health and wellness, financial capability, and community building and engagement.

In 2020, CHP earned Certified Organization for Resident Engagement and Services (CORES) Certification, which recognizes organizations that have developed the necessary infrastructure to deliver high-quality resident services across their affordable housing portfolios. The CORES program was launched in 2018 by Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) in conjunction with Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards – Enhanced Resident Services initiative.

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Resident Services Focus Areas

  • CHP Resident Services education program


    Research shows that better educated individuals live longer and healthier lives than those with less education, and that their children are more likely to thrive. CHP’s education activities – such as summer/after-school programming and GED preparation – increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals leading to greater self-sufficiency, school achievement and/or employability, which leads to increased opportunities and housing stability.

    CHP’s education activities include:

    • After-school youth programs
    • Summer youth programs
    • Computer access and literacy
    • Adult literacy and ESL classes

    Signature Project: Discovery Zone

  • Health and Wellness

    Research shows that implementing strategies that increase access to care, promote positive health behaviors, and provide health education improve health and overall well-being. CHP Resident Services offers health and wellness activities – such as on-site health screenings, fitness programs, and food distribution – to allow residents to take charge of their personal health and the health of their families through prevention programs, increased knowledge of risk factors, and informed options for preventative and routine healthcare.

    CHP’s health and wellness activities include:

    • On-Site health screenings
    • Mobile health clinics
    • Health education
    • Fitness programming
    • Nutrition classes
    • Well checks and case management for senior/special needs populations

    Signature Project: Health Outcomes Demonstration Project

  • Financial Capability

    Research tells us that financial stability shapes choices across every dimension of a family’s life. As income and wealth increase or decrease, so does health. CHP Resident Services offers financial capability activities – such as eviction prevention and financial fitness workshops – to promote housing stability through an increased knowledge of financial literacy and job readiness. These activities lead to an overall awareness around finance that can increase savings, enhance credit scores, and potentially result in homeownership.

    CHP’s financial capability activities include:

    • Eviction prevention program
    • Job readiness preparation
    • Financial education
    • Homeownership readiness
    • Referrals to outside community resources

    Signature Project: CHANGE Program

  • Community Building and Engagement

    Research shows that people with greater social support, less isolation, and more interpersonal trust live longer and healthier lives than those who are socially isolated. CHP Resident Services offers engagement activities – such as regular resident/community events and leadership programs – and our partners often provide opportunities for residents to become involved in their immediate and larger communities. Residents, especially seniors, benefit from activities which not only encourage participation but address social isolation.

    CHP's community building and engagement activities include:

    • Resident activities and community events
    • Resident leadership programs
    • Tenant council
    • Volunteer opportunities

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Housing Services

CHP not only offers desirable, economical homes to own or rent, but also encourages personal and community success through supportive services and programming. CHP Housing Services includes Asset Management, Homeownership, Property Management, and Resident Services.

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