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In 2021, we weatherized 6,843 homes and trained 1,387 professionals in building science

  • Weatherization

    Central to the Energy Solutions mission, CHP Weatherization helps low-income families reduce energy costs by improving the energy efficiency and health of their homes using the federal Weatherization Assistance Program and other funding sources.

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  • Utility Programs

    CHP Energy Solutions partners with electric and gas utility companies to provide energy efficiency and energy conservation measures for their age- and income-qualifying residential customers.

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  • Research & Training

    The Research and Training Center extends the knowledge and skills of the Energy Solutions team to weatherization and energy efficiency professionals across the country. We offer building science and energy conservation education and certifications and were the first accredited training program of its kind.

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Energy Solutions

CHP Energy Solutions promotes healthier, safer, more energy efficient built environments by providing energy audits, inspections, energy performance upgrades, and building science education.

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