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Energy Solutions provides weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades to a wide variety of single family and multifamily properties throughout Virginia and West Virginia. Here we highlight some of our projects with interesting technical aspects, large returns on efficiency investments, and compelling back stories.

  • Lam Family Home, Elkton, VA

    When Nancy Lam found her way to Community Housing Partners (CHP) in July of 2019, no one expected that the journey to the home repairs and weatherization that would allow her to stay in her home of 64 years would span multiple years. Through multiple partnerships and perseverance in the face of the worldwide COVID pandemic, Nancy is now safe and comfortable in her home.

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  • Princeton Village Apartments, Princeton, WV

    With an average age of 19 years, and several as old as 40 years, the aging heat pumps at Princeton Village had not only declined in performance but were not ever capable of performing to the high efficiency standards of today. Updating the old 11 SEER heat pumps with new high-efficiency 16 SEER units realized significant energy and utility cost savings and increased comfort for the residents.

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  • Christiansburg Bluff Apartments, Christiansburg, VA

    CHP Energy Solutions realized significant energy savings at Christiansburg Bluff in 2012 through the federal Weatherization Assistance Program. Now with heat pumps averaging 17 years in age, it was time to realize even more energy savings by updating the old 11 SEER heat pumps with new high-efficiency 16 SEER units through Appalachian Power's TakeCharge Virginia Low-Income Multifamily Program.

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  • The Regency Apartment Homes, Manassas, VA

    Combining programs sponsored by Washington Gas and Dominion Energy, CHP Energy Solutions installed energy efficiency upgrades including attic insulation, air sealing, LED lightbulbs, low-flow water fixtures, and more in 248 units at The Regency Apartment Homes in Manassas, VA at no cost to the property.

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  • Impact on Virginia Localities of Redefining “Low-Income” as Applied to Utility-Sponsored Energy Efficiency Programs

    Federal resources like the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) designed to serve Virginia’s most energy burdened households with weatherization services are limited so the introduction of utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs, like those with Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power, in recent years have been welcomed by Weatherization Service Providers.

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Energy Solutions

CHP Energy Solutions promotes healthier, safer, and more energy-efficient homes through the federal Weatherization Program, Utility-sponsored programs, and a leading Research and Training Center.

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