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CHP Asset Management

CHP Asset Management is responsible for evaluating and safeguarding the long-term viability of properties owned and operated by CHP and its affiliates. We preserve the tax benefits and protects the quality of CHP’s rental communities over the life of the investment. We also oversee the acquisition of affordable rental communities to preserve their long-term affordability and expand CHP’s rental portfolio.


Since 2011, Asset Management has overseen the Compliance department, which has day to day oversight of CHP’s regulatory requirements, such as income and revenue restrictions, on the property level. The Compliance team is tasked with ensuring that a project is operating in accordance with all funders’ regulatory requirements and all applicable local, state, and federal requirements.

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Housing Services

CHP not only offers desirable, economical homes to own or rent, but also encourages personal and community success through supportive services and programming. CHP Housing Services includes Asset Management, Homeownership, Property Management, and Resident Services.

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