To create homes and communities that are healthy, sustainable, and affordable.


Healthy, sustainable communities for everyone.

Equity Statement

Community Housing Partners is committed to being a strong and effective partner to communities and individuals confronting social, environmental, and economic injustices.

Core Values


CHP’s core values have always reflected what is truly important to us as an organization and they have set the standard for the way we serve and the attitudes we exhibit. Our previous core values – innovation, integrity, quality, service, and sustainability – remain a key part of who we are, but we have now incorporated those values into four core areas that allow us to focus more intentionally and clearly on our current key priorities.

Beginning in 2021, CHP’s core values are RISE: Resilience, Impact, Stewardship, and Equity.

  • Resilience: We maintain a level of preparedness and agility that enables us to respond to opportunities and adapt quickly to change and adversity thus ensuring ongoing service to our communities, partners, and clients.
  • Impact: We promote long-term positive outcomes for those we serve through dedication to our mission and evaluation of our impact to drive continuous improvement.
  • Stewardship: We are responsible for the thoughtful management of CHP’s resources and therefore hold ourselves accountable for the well-being of our employees, our partnerships, our communities, and the natural environment.
  • Equity: We work to break down barriers that perpetuate social, economic, and environmental disparities through a commitment to inclusive processes and equitable opportunities within our organization and for the communities we serve.