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Courtyard at J. Van Story Branch Apartments

Following engagement with the leadership team and key stakeholders, CHP’s Board of Directors approved a 2022-2024 Strategic Plan that lays out organizational goals and objectives for a three-year period.

2022-2024 Strategic Goals

  • Quality of life

    1. Optimize positive health and quality of life outcomes for our residents and customers.

    • CHP will prioritize and expand housing stability opportunities as a fundamental social determinant of health.
    • CHP will build partnerships within the healthcare industry that result in capital investment in CHP’s affordable housing development and service delivery work.
    • CHP will implement processes for the inclusion of resident, client, and community voice in decision making and program design.

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  • Employer of choice

    2. Be an employer of choice.

    • CHP will expand and improve upon recruitment and retention strategies to attract and retain talented, qualified, and diverse candidates.
    • CHP will prioritize employee inclusion through activities that promote belonging as well as equal access to internal resources, information, and opportunities.

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  • environmental impact

    3. Adopt operational practices that reduce our environmental impact.

    • CHP will prioritize decarbonization activities that are under organizational control through business operations and asset management.
    • CHP will put systems and processes in place to assist resident and clients in reducing carbon emissions.

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  • Investment strategies

    4. Adhere to investment strategies that prioritize CHP’s core values: Resilience, Impact, Stewardship, and Equity.

    • CHP will invest in infrastructure and capacity to support the growth and resilience of CHP’s business lines.
    • CHP will responsibly expand and/or contract our rental portfolio to maximize impact.
    • CHP will prioritize investments in communities and individuals confronting social, environmental, and economic injustices.

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Community Housing Partners

From our roots as a volunteer organization serving housing needs in Appalachia, CHP has grown into a multi-state organization nationally recognized for our capabilities and commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Although CHP’s footprint has greatly expanded over the decades, our mission continues to focus on creating homes and communities that are healthy, sustainable, and affordable.

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