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Over the past five years, CHP has invested almost $177 million in rental real estate development to create homes for low-income families and individuals.

CHP creates attractive, new homes and community spaces and preserves aging housing stock. The development team has a long, successful track record of delivering turnkey projects from initial market research and site selection through feasibility analysis, project structure, assembling financing, and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

This work enables CHP to offer affordable rents resulting in sustained housing stability for low-income individuals and families across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

  • Tranquility at the Lakes

    Real Estate Development

    With a focus on multi-family development, CHP Real Estate Development has a staff experienced in community-building practices and environmentally responsible products and techniques, identifying new development opportunities, and leveraging our relationships and experience to secure pre-development, construction, and permanent financing to bring a project to successful completion.

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  • Construction Management

    CHP is a leader in the green building industry with decades of experience in the thoughtful preservation and construction of sustainable communities. These services are offered with an attention to quality, timeliness, and budget.

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Multifamily Development

CHP creates attractive, new homes and community spaces and preserves aging housing stock with a focus on sustainable, multifamily development.

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