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Tristan Shaw became the Resident Services Program Compliance Analyst in March of 2022. As the Program Compliance Analyst, Tristan balances mission driven service delivery with data analysis. He works with Resident Services Content Managers and Coordinators in production reporting, proffer requirements, management of community centers, and site-level operating funds. Tristan also works with Resident Services Leadership to streamline internal processes and strategies as well as recommend solutions to maximize service delivery to the benefit of CHP Residents and Staff.  Tristan started his career at CHP in 2019, and was the Residents Services Coordinator, and Resident Services Business Supervisor. Prior to CHP, Tristan worked one-on-one with youth and senior populations. Tristan has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Radford University.


Community Housing Partners

From our roots as a volunteer organization serving housing needs in Appalachia, CHP has grown into a multi-state organization nationally recognized for our capabilities and commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Although CHP’s footprint has greatly expanded over the decades, our mission continues to focus on creating homes and communities that are healthy, sustainable, and affordable.

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