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Sally Cooke is the Resident Services Content Supervisor for Senior Services. In this role, Sally provides supervision and direction to Resident Services Coordinators that serve our senior and special need populations. She helps the department meet its strategic goals to maximize services to benefit our clients. She also assists the Director of Programs to develop intentional content area goals and innovative ways to increase the quality, productivity, and efficiency of staff whereby enhancing our resident’s quality of life. Sally earned her bachelor’s degree in both applied human sciences and human development and learning from East Tennessee State. During college, she volunteered at Dawn of Hope, a non-profit agency designed to provide a wide array of services to adults with intellectual and/or development abilities. It was while working with this agency that Sally discovered her love for service.  

Housing Services

CHP not only offers desirable, economical homes to own or rent, but also encourages personal and community success through supportive services and programming. CHP Housing Services includes Asset Management, Homeownership, Property Management, and Resident Services.

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