Environmental & Social

CHP Resident Services offers social and environmental stewardship activities – such as resident/community events, service learning, and green tenant education – to provide opportunities for residents to become involved in their immediate and larger communities. Residents, especially seniors, benefit from activities that not only encourage participation but address social isolation. Children benefit from leadership opportunities such as girl/boy scouts and other personal development activities.

Many resident services' programs incorporate sustainable practices into their youth and adult education courses, emphasizing ways to clean-up our environment, recycle, and reuse materials. Some communities have created neighborhood gardens planted with native vegetation and tended with natural fertilizers; while others have implemented recycling programs; hosted regular trash pick-up days; and offered classes on making environmentally-responsible choices at home, school, and work.

Social Sustainability

Through frequent and ongoing activities such as community festivals, celebrations, educational programming, and other property-based events, Resident Services maintains a focus on promoting social interaction, cultural enrichment, and community building.