Resident Services

CHP believes that resident self-sufficiency begins at home – at the properties we manage – and this belief shapes our efforts to offer learning opportunities and foster leadership development for our residents. As a result, CHP created our Resident Services program in 1997. By working with partners and volunteers in the community, we are able to deliver resident training and services that address obstacles commonly faced by low- to moderate-income families such as illiteracy, lack of job skills, poor physical and mental health, social isolation, and money management. Our model, which combines human services with economic development programming, promotes positive, successful resident and community development and impacts the long term health and viability of neighborhoods and the surrounding communities.

In partnership with other community-based service providers, CHP’s Resident Services staff focuses on the following four areas of skill development:

• Education
• Health and wellness
• Financial stability
• Social and environmental stewardship

We are committed to providing these services because they support neighborhood sustainability and promote positive, successful resident and community development. The program helps make our neighborhoods safer, higher quality places to live and provides residents with the skills they need to be successful.

CHP currently provides access to resident services to over 3,700 adults and children at more than 60 rental communities.