About CHP

Founding in 1975, Community Housing Partners (CHP) provides quality-built, responsibly-managed, service-enriched homes for low-income individuals and families across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Building on a long-standing tradition of environmental, economic, and social responsibility, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit works with private and public partners to develop and preserve award-winning homes and neighborhoods that encourage community revitalization, foster financial stability for CHP residents, and promote a healthier planet for future generations.

CHP’s more than 350 employees deliver a wide range of services, including real estate development, construction management, energy services and training, asset management, property management, realty and homeownership, and comprehensive resident services. They champion housing stability for CHP’s community and reflect the nonprofit’s core values of collaboration, innovation, integrity, quality, service, and sustainability.

CHP is a chartered member of NeighborWorks America and a member of Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE) and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF). Since 1975, CHP has invested more than $410 million in communities through real estate development

From its roots as a volunteer organization serving housing needs in Appalachia, CHP has grown into a multi-state organization nationally recognized for its capabilities and commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of experts in areas such as real estate development, finance, sustainable building, and property management. Although CHP’s footprint has greatly expanded over the decades, its mission continues to focus on creating homes and communities that are healthy, sustainable, and affordable.


CHP creates attractive, new homes and community spaces and preserves aging housing stock. With a focus on multi-family development, CHP Real Estate Development has a staff experienced in community-building practices and environmentally responsible products and techniques. CHP is a leader in the green building industry with decades of experience in the thoughtful preservation and construction of sustainable communities. These services are offered with an attention to quality, timeliness, and budget.

The development team has a long, successful track record of delivering turnkey projects from initial market research and site selection through feasibility analysis, project structure, assembling financing, and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. This work enables CHP to offer affordable rents resulting in sustained housing stability for low-income families across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.


CHP not only offers desirable, economical homes to own or rent, but also encourages personal and community success through supportive services and programming.

As the nonprofit’s largest department, CHP Property Management is experienced in providing rental services and green maintenance to Low Income Housing Tax Credit, conventional, and government-financed multi-family properties.

CHP Resident Services works with community partners to deliver comprehensive training and services for CHP residents with a focus on education, health and wellness, financial capability, and community building and engagement. Its programs help make neighborhoods safer, higher quality places to live and provide residents with the skills they need to be successful.

A full-service real estate brokerage, CHP Homeownership ensures a straightforward homebuying experience that improves their customers’ knowledge and comfort with the homebuying process and increases long-term success. The homeownership team also works to strengthen communities by developing attractive, single-family homes for qualifying individuals and families.


CHP Energy Solutions promotes healthier, safer, more energy efficient built environments by providing energy audits, inspections, energy performance upgrades, and building science education.

Central to the Energy Solutions mission, CHP Weatherization helps low-income families reduce energy costs by improving the energy efficiency and health of their homes using the federal Weatherization Assistance Program and other funding sources. CHP Utility Programs partners with electric and gas utility companies to bring energy efficiency and energy conservation measures to their age- and income-qualifying residential customers.

The Research and Training Center extends the knowledge and skills of the Energy Solutions team to weatherization and energy efficiency professionals across the country. It offers building science and energy conservation education and certifications and was the first accredited training program of its kind.