April 10, 2024

Throughout history, women have broken barriers and challenged stereotypes in various professions, including skilled trades. In honor of Women’s History Month, CHP took to social media to spotlight five female professionals who work on our Property Management and Energy Solutions teams.

Maintenance technicians are responsible for ensuring the functionality and safety of residential properties. From daily operations like fixing leaky faucets to complex HVAC repairs, their skills and expertise are essential for maintaining comfortable living spaces. Similarly, weatherization technicians focus on enhancing energy efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the overall quality of living environments through insulation and ductwork improvements.

Shelia Gist’s journey to maintenance began with a chance to try something new. Transitioning from her role as a machine operator, she seized the opportunity to pursue a career in maintenance. “I beat out three other women trying for the same position,” she recalled. At CHP, Gist found a sense of belonging from day one, thanks to the welcoming smiles of the tenants at CHP owned and managed Lee Street Townhomes in Bowling Green, Virginia.

Driven by CHP’s mission, Cameron Crouse thrives on making a positive impact. “Knowing that we’re helping people who need the help is what motivates me,” she shared. She is a Weatherization Technician for the CHP Energy Solutions office in Winchester, Virginia.

The acknowledgment Betty Betancourt-Tapia, Maintenance Technician at CHP’s Kippax Place Apartments in Hopewell, Virginia, receives from residents fuels her passion for the job. “The appreciation I receive from the residents daily makes my job very rewarding,” she said.

Navigating male-dominated spaces hasn’t deterred Doris Hensley, another Maintenance Technician; instead, she emphasized the importance of collaboration. “I’ve navigated this field of mostly male technicians by always being willing to learn from them and lending my know-how to teach them things they didn’t know or understand,” said Hensley, who works out of Westbridge Commons Apartments in Chesapeake, Virginia. “The goal is to help each other, male and female.”

Amanda Crouse, who also works in the CHP Energy Solutions Winchester office, offered advice to other women interested in pursuing a career in a trade field: “Never doubt yourself or think you aren’t good enough. Keep moving forward!”

These women are paving the way for a more diverse future in skilled trades. Are you interested in a rewarding career that utilizes your talents? View available positions and apply online today at www.chpcareers.org.