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Equity and Inclusion Team

Our Equity Statement

Community Housing Partners is committed to being a strong and effective partner to communities and individuals confronting social, environmental, and economic injustices.

Equity and Inclusion Team

CHP seeks to create an environment with a shared understanding of systemic injustices, to raise awareness of implicit and explicit bias, and to develop an organizational framework for advancing equity and inclusion. Established in 2015, CHP’s Equity and Inclusion Team evolved from a nascent committee working to define itself to a cohesive team of 15 staff members from across the company with a clear purpose: to hold CHP accountable for our commitment as an organization to be a strong and effective partner to marginalized communities and individuals confronting injustices.

CHP recognizes that conditions, access, and opportunities differ for everyone, and that these differences are a result of both intentional and unintentional decisions that have been made and continue to be made across every aspect of our society. We are working through the development, implementation, and application of equitable and inclusive policies and practices that influence every aspect of our work.

The following three goals guide this work:

  • Communications and engagement: To promote an environment of shared learning and to create an awareness of systemic injustices
  • Learning and development: To improve the intercultural competence of CHP employees and thus their effectiveness
  • Organizational commitment to equity and inclusion: To ensure that equity and inclusion priorities are incorporated into all of CHP’s internal and external work

Prioritizing Equity

Equality is about equal inputs (e.g. resources, support, and opportunities) and assumes that everyone starts from the same place, whereas equity is about equal outcomes (e.g. performance, achievement, and health) and assumes that conditions are not the same and everyone starts from different places. CHP is working to bring an equity framework to all that we do — from our major strategic priorities to the countless small decisions we make every day. As our organization continues to learn and grow, we will also seek opportunities to re-think our work through the lens of equity and inclusion.

Recent Accomplishments

  • In December 2019, five CHP staff members began an 18-month NeighborWorks training focused on Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI). Facilitated by the Portland-based Center for Equity and Inclusion, the first convening sparked a deeper awareness of the severity of racial inequities and disparities within the United States and led to the Equity and Inclusion Team prioritizing equity.
  • In February 2020, CHP held a Leaders of Choice Meeting in Charlottesville, where CHP supervisors participated in training and workshops focused on employee retention and inclusion practices.
  • In March 2020, CHP began using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), an internationally recognized model to measure cultural competence and inclusion. Thirty-five organizational leaders initially took an assessment survey in anticipation of next steps for advancing inclusivity.
  • In June 2020, CHP hosted an organization-wide discussion forum on race following a national response to the tragic killing of George Floyd and countless similar events. CHP also released a statement condemning acts of racist violence and standing in solidarity of those who speak out against racism and injustice.
  • Under the Equity and Inclusion Team’s leadership, CHP has provided staff members with resources, guest speakers, and educational opportunities focused on systemic racism, implicit bias, and the history of redlining and housing discrimination. It also helped launch CHP Votes, a cross-departmental initiative encouraging CHP residents and employees to vote and let their voices be heard.
  • In 2021, CHP introduced a new equity statement (see above), approved by the board, to elevate the organization’s equity and inclusion efforts.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity

    CHP is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks applicants who can offer diverse viewpoints, experience, talents, and culture to promote our organization’s mission of creating healthy and sustainable affordable housing.

    EEO Statement

  • Affirmative Action

    CHP makes documented good faith efforts to utilize Minority, Women’s, and Small Business Enterprises as subcontractors in conducting our business. CHP also endeavors to utilize MBE/WBE/SBE businesses for procurement (materials, supplies, and services) in connection with our projects.

  • Fair Housing

    CHP is an equal housing opportunity provider. We comply with all federal, state, and local nondiscrimination laws and operate in accordance with the rules and regulations governing Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity in housing and employment.

    Fair Housing

Community Housing Partners

From our roots as a volunteer organization serving housing needs in Appalachia, CHP has grown into a multi-state organization nationally recognized for our capabilities and commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Although CHP’s footprint has greatly expanded over the decades, our mission continues to focus on creating homes and communities that are healthy, sustainable, and affordable.

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