Apartments at Kingsridge




Here is some more information about Kingsridge :  

2-Bedroom / 2-Bath rent starts @ $690 a month

3-Bedroom / 2-Bath rent starts @ $795 a month

*Income Requirements Do Apply*

*Phase II Coming Soon*

Min per year:  2-Bedroom=$23,460 / 3-Bedroom=$27,000
Max per year:  1-person=$34,980, 2-people=$39,960, 3-people=$44,940, 4-people=$49,920, 5-people=$53,940, 6-people=$57,960, 7-people=$61,920

Call or email if you have questions:

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM

Phone: 804.781.4695   TTY or

We are an equal housing opportunity provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability or familial status (having children under age 18). We do not interfere, threaten, or coerce persons in the exercise of their fair housing rights. We do not retaliate against persons who have asserted their rights or persons who have assisted someone in asserting their rights.





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390 Kingsridge Road
Richmond, VA 23223

Apartments at Kingsridge
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