Strategic Plan

In December 2014, CHP's executive committee and board of directors approved a Strategic Plan which laid out the corporation's mission, vision, and goals for the 2015-2017 three-year period. Following are the principal ideas behind the plan.


Healthy, sustainable communities for everyone.


To create homes and communities that are healthy, sustainable and affordable.


  • Social

Improve the quality of life for all of our stakeholders by creating and preserving healthy, sustainable communities. 

Instill a cultural commitment to build an organization that reflects the diversity of our communities and creates an environment that welcomes individuals with a variety of talents and perspectives to strengthen our outcomes and impact.

  • Environmental

Protect and enhance the environment by reducing the environmental impact of our operations, products and practices. 

  • Economic

Invest in individual, community, and organizational financial well-being by pursuing and deploying resources to create economically viable communities.