As a non-profit social enterprise, CHP must determine the best avenues for development that are critical to our survival, as well as to our clients' well-being. The Development department occupies the early phases of most of our projects; we ask important questions such as whether or not a building is capable of being rehabilitated, or if a property can sustain the sort of housing desired. Is it a good investment overall, for the long term? Should we develop new construction? Is a leasing property or for-sale homes the best option?

Since 2006, CHP has developed or facilitated the development of more than 40 projects (single- and multifamily), representing more than 2,300 units.

CHP Development works hand-in-glove with our in-house construction and property management departments on CHP-owned real estate development projects that are healthy, sustainable, and affordable. Our coordinated, comprehensive development/design/build model expedites the sharing of information, helps protect against project cost overruns, and enables scheduling issues to be addressed in a timely manner. CHP also has the readiness and capability to offer any of these services as stand alone, fee-for-services contracts.

Please contact Development for further partnering information and availability.