National Fuel Gas Code Handbook 2009

The only complete guide to the 2009 Code, NFPA®'s 2009 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook is written by industry experts to provide the hands-on backup needed to avoid application errors and keep fuel gas piping, appliance, and venting jobs in compliance and on schedule. This essential Code companion helps engineers, contractors, AHJs, designers, and architects do jobs right and improve productivity by providing:

  • Authoritative commentary from industry leaders that provides application guidance and interpretation of Code requirements, including new rules for bonding of gas piping
  • The entire 2009 NFPA 54 text for convenient reference FAQs that highlight vital aspects of gas safety -- things you can't afford to overlook
  • Hundreds of 2-color charts, illustrations, and drawings plus 4-color photos not found in the Code covering state-of-the-art equipment and installations
  • Seven helpful supplements that expand your expertise, including a first-time supplement comparing changes in the 2009 NFPA 54 with previous Code editions.
  • Other topics addressed include fuel gas odorization, tech background for residential carbon monoxide responders, calculation worksheets, development of revised venting guidelines, and more