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The Research and Training Center offers workshops, conferences, and other special events for energy professionals throughout the United States.

Recent Events

  • Builders' Boot Camp (Aug. 28-29, 2019)

    CHP Builders' Boot Camp is an intensive, interactive, and collaborative learning workshop experience for construction industry professionals. Boot Camp takes place at the CHP Training Center in Christiansburg, Virginia. Held periodically throughout the year, Builders' Boot Camp equips participants with the most current construction industry information and skills needed to maintain an edge in the business and provide the highest quality services to their clients.

    Builders’ Boot Camp

  • Healthy Homes Moisture Summit (July 29-30, 2019)

    With increased rainfall and moisture, multifamily homes are struggling to stay dry, resulting in growth of mold and mildew adversely affecting indoor air quality. This summit will focus on how to stop these moisture issues and dry out your building once and for all. experts will discuss the principles of moisture movement in buildings and why they get wet and stay wet.

    Heat, Air, and Moisture

Energy Solutions

CHP Energy Solutions promotes healthier, safer, more energy efficient built environments by providing energy audits, inspections, energy performance upgrades, and building science education.

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