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HEAT Energy Audit Software

Course Description

HEAT is the energy modeling component of the Hancock platform, a platform which is already widely used for client intake, invoicing and other administrative functions of the Weatherization program. HEAT allows the seamless inclusion of energy audit data into the Hancock platform. It is designed to be used in the field with an iPad, eliminating the redundancy of hand-written assessments and also greatly reducing the chance of incomplete data collection. The class curriculum is suitable for any student who wishes to learn to model audit data through Hancock’s HEAT software for single family homes. This course is designed especially for students who have some familiarity already with energy modeling software, although those new to energy modeling will have the opportunity to learn all they need as well. The majority of the class is spent in the practical use of the HEAT software, through in-class (and in-field, where possible) examples designed to give the student experience modeling a wide range of possible housing types. Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance for this course. Students who have attended this course may earn a Certificate of Completion by applying for and successfully completing the HEAT Modeling Practical Test.

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Grading Criteria

The exam consists of one practical. Students must pass with an 80% score or higher. If a student does not pass a section, he or she will be allowed to retake that particular section in accordance with CHP Energy Solutions Research and Training's retesting policy.

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