May 6, 2024

CHP'sRussell Chrisley and Jon Brickman

Russell Chrisley and Jon Brickman

Located just outside of downtown Pulaski, Virginia, Meadowview Apartments offers one—, two—, and three-bedroom units for families. The updated community center and playground are great for residents looking to connect. CHP’s Jon Brickman serves as Property Manager, and Russell Chrisley serves as Maintenance Technician. 

Introduce yourself and share a bit about your background in property management.

My name is Jon Brickman, I’ve been in property management for about 4 years now. I started off as a summer inspector with Foxridge Apartments in Blacksburg and moved from there to my first taste of subsidized housing, which was Fieldstone in Blacksburg. From there I moved on and went back into student housing with the Retreat in Blacksburg. In both of those places, I did leasing, but at the Retreat, I moved more into the marketing scene as well. Eventually, I had that calling to go back to low-income housing, so CHP had an opening so I came over here, and I have been at Meadowview for about a year.

What makes this property unique or distinctive within the community?

This community is kind of a hub for this town. A lot of things come through this community, a lot of people either have family or friends or have some sort of connection to this property, so a lot that goes on here directly affects things that go on around the town or county. It’s kind of your central connecting piece for everyone in this area.

If the property had a personality, how would you describe it in three words?

Rugged, Unexpected, Charismatic

What’s the most unique feature of this property that residents love?

Residents love flocking to the playground, the bike racks, and other such amenities. They also love having the community room here, where they can have events and connect.

CHP's Meadowview Apartments in Pulaski, VirginiaCan you share any success stories or positive feedback from residents? 

One comes to mind – I had a resident who had been living here for 36 years. He was a trucker and had done his thing, stayed to himself, and was really quiet, but he loved to tell me stories. We’d sit here for an hour or two at a time, and he would tell me these stories, and it was really cool. One day, he came to me and said, “Jon, I’ve been working for the last 36 years. I’ve been keeping at it and keeping at it, and today, I finally closed on my home.” He had found himself a lake-front home over by Claytor Lake and had signed and was getting ready to move. It was fantastic because he was my biggest success story.

What is something you like or appreciate about the community?

The camaraderie. The way everyone comes together when someone is in need or has something going on. I’ve made it a big point to let everyone know that I’m not just here to be a property manager or a landlord. I’m here to make a difference and help you, and if I need to help you help yourself, I will do that. People know they can come to me with pretty much anything, and I can work with them.

What qualities make this property a great place to call home?

Coming back to the community, a lot of people here interact like they’re family. Our location within the town—we’re right outside of town but close enough to everything that you can get wherever you need to relatively quickly. Again, if you’ve fallen on hard times, you can count on your neighbor to step up and be that person you need them to be.


A quote from a Meadowview Resident