December 18, 2019

Service has been a part of the culture at Community Housing Partners (CHP) since its early beginnings in the 1970s.

“The reason I’m still working at CHP is because of our commitment to service,” said Janaka Casper, Chief Executive Officer at CHP, in a recent video about service.

Casper, who has been working at CHP since 1976, explained that service–along with meditation and taking care of one’s physical self–has guided his life over the years. “Service is just helping someone else, and over the years, we’ve become primarily a service organization,” Casper added.

In the 1980s, CHP’s management team held a retreat in Radford, Virginia, where about 20 leaders at CHP discussed the organization’s vision, mission and values.

“When we got to the core values, that group of people listed the things that they saw in the organization and then what was important to them,” Casper said. “Service rose to the top of the list pretty quickly.”

Those same core values have been with the organization ever sense. In addition to service, CHP’s core values are collaboration, innovation, integrity, quality, and sustainability.