October 3, 2023

As winter approaches, Community Housing Partners (CHP) is embarking on two initiatives that will brighten the holiday season for senior residents in Virginia and Maryland. The Warm Wishes and Giving Tree projects aim to provide essential items and gifts to CHP residents in need, creating a sense of warmth and community during the chilly months.  

The 2023 Warm Wishes program will provide gift bags totaling around $30 each to senior residents, aged 55 and up, at 25 CHP apartment communities in Virginia. This year, CHP is also extending the warmth to senior residents at two Maryland apartment communities through the Giving Tree program. This new program is focused on making the winter season a little brighter by collecting and distributing cold weather items, such as gloves, hats, blankets, and non-slip socks.  

CHP is seeking support from community members and organizations who want to donate to these programs. More information about these programs and how to participate is available on the Warm Wishes webpage and Giving Tree webpage. CHP is accepting gifts and monetary donations through December 1 and will distribute gifts to residents during the second week in December.  

More than 700 seniors are eligible for the Warm Wishes program and more than 450 are eligible for the Giving Tree Project in 2023. Last year, CHP staff and volunteers served 267 senior and special needs residents through Warm Wishes, raising $8,010 from generous donors.  

CHP would also like to thank its incredible employees, who have been donating to the Warm Wishes and Giving Tree projects since early August. Now CHP is asking the community to join employees in donating to help make these projects successful.    

If you are interested in supporting the Warm Wishes and Giving Tree initiatives, please consider making a donation today.