January 23, 2024

CHP staff working with CHP resident to sign up for the Solar Savings Program.Community Housing Partners (CHP) and Dimension Renewable Energy are working towards bringing the benefits of shared solar to more Virginia households. The partnership, which initially started in 2022, involves collaboration with Dominion Energy and Arcadia to provide affordable solar power to residents living in CHP apartment communities within the Dominion Energy footprint.

The program centers around Dimension Renewable Energy’s creation of solar farms through partnerships with landowners. These community solar facilities contribute energy savings back to Dominion Energy, which, in turn, extends the savings to customers enrolled in the program. This innovative approach enables residents, particularly those living in apartments or who are renting, to enjoy the advantages of solar power.

Following a successful launch event in November 2022, CHP’s Housing Stability team took on the responsibility of ensuring that CHP residents have information about the program and access to sign up. Through a combination of 26 on-site events, passive marketing strategies, and competitions among property managers, a total of 723 residents at 41 CHP properties were successfully enrolled in the solar savings program by the end of 2023. The program not only brings environmental benefits but also provides financial relief to low-income residents, with an estimated 10% annual discount on their electric bill.

In 2024, CHP has set a goal of getting an additional 150 residents signed up. This expansion aligns with Dominion Energy’s plans to have several new community solar sites operational in 2024. Once these sites are operational, residents who are enrolled in the Solar Savings Program will begin to see savings on their electric bills, offering them increased access to sustainable and affordable solar power.

Angie Roberts-Dobbins, CHP’s Vice President of Resident Services, shared her excitement about the program, saying, “This partnership—and the CHP Solar Savings Program that came from it—is more than just a way to save on utility bills. It’s a testament to our commitment to creating healthier, more sustainable, and affordable homes and communities. We are excited about the positive impact this work will have on the lives of our residents and the future of community solar in Virginia and elsewhere.”

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