Crisis Heating & Cooling

As a subcontractor for the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS), CHP Energy Solutions offers a Crisis Heating and Cooling Assistance Program, which helps eligible low-income households in 25 localities throughout Virginia with heating and cooling equipment problems. Our Energy Solutions staff repair or replace existing equipment and make improvements necessary for the proper functioning of this equipment, install equipment where none exists, and provide assistance with costs for new equipment.

Each year DSS determines how much funding to allocate to the Crisis Heating and Cooling Assistance Program, its eligibility requirements, and how the program will be administered at the local level. Typical seasonal operations are:

Crisis Heating  November 1 to March 15
Crisis Cooling  June 15 to August 15

Questions about this program? Contact the Energy Assistance Office of the Virginia Department of Social Services at (804) 692-1900 or visit its website . Or contact your local Department of Social Services in Virginia.