January 4, 2024

Harold Nassau, CHP Board of Directors Member

Harold Nassau

Nathan Kerr, CHP Board of Directors Member

Nathan Kerr

Community Housing Partners (CHP), which provides affordable and sustainable housing across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, welcomed two new members of its board of directors on January 1, 2024. The new board members, Nathan Kerr and Harold Nassau, have a wealth of experience and a dedication to affordable housing and community development, making them valuable additions to the CHP family.

Nathan Kerr, Vice President and Risk Advisor at Scott Insurance in Roanoke, Virginia, is an advocate and broker specializing in risk management and affordable housing. With a focus on analytical finance, Kerr graduated from Wake Forest University. He actively serves on various community boards, including the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce and Roanoke Rescue Mission. Kerr will be serving on the Real Estate Development committee.

Harold Nassau, Senior Director of Asset Management Programs at NeighborWorks America in Boston, Massachusetts, brings two decades of experience overseeing asset management training and technical assistance. Nassau graduated from Rutgers University and completed his PhD from Columbia University. With a comprehensive background in for profit and nonprofit sectors, Nassau’s expertise in property management and asset management directly aligns with CHP’s mission. He will be joining the Housing Services committee.

Jeff Reed, CHP’s President and CEO, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “With Nathan Kerr and Harold Nassau joining our board, we are expanding our expertise and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in affordable housing. We look forward to their valuable contributions as we continue to make a positive impact on communities across the East Coast.”

As Kerr and Nassau join the board, CHP would also like to thank Freddy Paige for his dedicated service since 2020. Paige’s expertise in sustainable infrastructure, housing, environmental justice, and engineering education has left a lasting impact, and his commitment to CHP is truly appreciated.