January 11, 2017

At the request of the Building Performance Institute (BPI), CHP Energy Solutions recently gave a tour of its IREC Accredited training facility to three professionals from South Korea. These “students” were from The Korea Institute of Energy and Research and The Korea Energy Foundation. They have been tasked with improving their country's Weatherization Assistance Program as well as implementing BPI certifications within up to 12 training facilities. Currently they have only one training facility for the country but anticipate building and/or retrofitting 11 more.

From December 12 -15, Dr. Kim, Dr. Han, and Mr. Yoo received a tour of the CHP Energy Solutions training center along with demonstrations on the House of Pressure and the new Heat, Air, and Moisture House created by Anthony Cox. They also were able to go out into the field to watch CHP auditors perform an energy audit and CHP crews weatherize a manufactured house.

"Although the housing stock is different, our guests were really impressed with our expertise, experience, and long-running success with running a  weatherization program. They said they learned a lot from our team, and will be able to take this knowledge back to South Korea to further evaluate and modify their own programs," said CHP Energy Solutions Training Center Director Phil Hull.