June 27, 2024

Located in northwest Virginia Beach, Tranquility at the Lakes Apartments offers affordable senior living in the historic Burton Station neighborhood. CHP’s Lyric Thourogood serves as Property Manager, and Walter Negron serves as the Maintenance Technician.

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background in property management. 

I am Lyric Thourogood. I started my career in property management with CHP five years ago. I started as a leasing consultant with CHP, and within 1.5 years, I moved up to assistant manager, and within that year, I became a property manager. I have worked at multiple CHP properties. I enjoy what I do. It gives me great pleasure to help others find affordable housing. 

How long have you been managing this property? 

I have been managing Tranquility at the Lakes for 2.5 years.

What makes this property unique or distinctive within the community? 

This community was neglected for many years. Most of the land was owned by sharecroppers and had no water or sewer until Seniors Unlimited Lifestyles and Community Housing Partners partnered together and brought life to the community by constructing Tranquility at the Lakes. It became the pillar that restored the community. Many of the former residents of the community were able to move back into their community after so many years. They enjoy congregating in the common room and spending time together. We actually have a 90-year-old resident living in Tranquility who was born on the property the community is now located on. 

Common room at Tranqulity at the LakesIf the property had a personality, how would you describe it in three words? 

Family-oriented, tranquil, and resilient.

What’s the most unique feature of this property that residents love? 

They love the porches/balconies, the common areas, and community room – we have a lot of events in the community center. 

Can you share a life hack or a clever solution you’ve discovered for common resident needs? 

We are able to provide services that help our residents in a variety of ways, including making sure they have food, helping with health and wellness, providing transportation, and even budgeting classes. 

What qualities make this property a great place to come home? 

The cleanliness of the facility, the location, the camaraderie between neighbors, activities, services, and safety.