May 16, 2024

Adam Payne, Kirsten Wilburn, and Sheila Gist

Adam Payne, Kirsten Wilburn, and Sheila Gist

Located just off of I-95 outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Overlook Terrace Apartments offers state-of-the-art homes close to shopping and healthcare. CHP’s Kirsten Wilburn serves as the Property Manager and Adam Payne and Sheila Gist serve as Maintenance Technicians. 

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background in property management.

My name is Kirsten Wilburn. I began my property management journey in 2021 as an Assistant Property Manager at Townsquare at Dumfries. I dove in feet first, right in the middle of COVID while we were doing a 227-unit lease-up.

How long have you been managing this property? 

I started helping out at Overlook Terrace in February of 2023, and I took over as property manager in June. So almost a year! 

Overlook Terrace sign in front of the Overlook Terrace clubhouseWhat makes this property unique or distinctive within the community? 

Overlook Terrace is in a prime location, right off of I-95. We’re also the only CHP property near Fredericksburg, which is really cool. And we have a pool! 

If the property had a personality, how would you describe it in three words? 

Peaceful hidden jewel

What’s the most unique feature of this property that residents love? 

All of our units have an open floor plan and they’re incredibly spacious. Each unit also has a patio and extra storage in the back. 

Playground at Overlook TerraceCan you share a life hack or clever solution you’ve discovered for common resident needs? 

We try to help our residents utilize CHP’s Resident Services division to help them with a multitude of things, including getting back on track with payments after the pandemic. It’s great that Resident Services is able to assist with that. 

What is something you like or appreciate about the community? 

I like that the residents take ownership of the property. They respect where they live and pick up after themselves. Everybody has a really good relationship, which is nice.

What qualities make this property a great place to call home? 

Overlook Terrace is a quiet community in a great location with the best staff and residents.