November 28, 2016

Fifty-six-year-old Migdalia Dejesus is disabled and a new resident at Checed Warwick Apartments in Newport News, Va., which provides apartment homes for low-income senior citizens. As the on-site property management and resident services staff do with all new tenants, Dejesus was welcomed with open arms to the community in August and given access to a long list of resources that could help make her life safer and more comfortable.

As Dejesus settled into her new home after moving from Texas to Virginia, Property Manager and Resident Services Coordinator Jeanette Flores was quick to connect Dejesus with LINK, a local organization that provides fast and affordable housing solutions to homeless individuals/families, as well as emergency services to individuals who don’t have access to their basic needs and find themselves in a housing crisis. Some of the benefits Dejesus received from LINK included food, furniture, household goods, books, and DVDs at no cost to her. “The program has been a Godsend for me because I had nothing and it has helped me make my living arrangements very nice,” said Dejesus.

In addition, Flores made sure Dejesus knew about a local Energy Assistance program that provides income qualifying households with electricity payment assistance. “I am happy to know that these services are available to help due to the fact that I’m on a fixed income,” explained Dejesus.

Dejesus has also accessed Checed Warwick’s food pantry periodically, “which put food on my table when there might not have been any,” commented Dejesus. “It’s just another plus of becoming a resident here.”

Added Dejesus, “I also enjoy the monthly social calendar here at Checed Warwick. It’s been great getting to know the other residents while having a fun time.  Entertainment plays a very valuable part in feeling good. To have this in your life is fantastic! We have very friendly and helpful neighbors, especially considering I just moved here.”

Flores remarked, “It gives me such a sense of satisfaction that I can help make our residents’ lives a little easier. I love helping people and it has been a pleasure working with Migdalia.”