May 9, 2022

Janaka Casper, CEO at Community Housing Partners (CHP), has announced that he will retire in early 2023 after more than four decades with the organization.

Beginning in 1976, Casper helped transform CHP from an all-volunteer group providing home repairs in Virginia’s New River Valley to a leading affordable housing nonprofit serving the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. During his career, Casper has not only helped us reach thousands of residents and clients—he has been the standard bearer for CHP’s mission and vision, as well as a leader and mentor within the industry. Under Casper’s leadership, CHP has expanded into new areas and regions, developed lasting partnerships, and committed to a sustainable future. His last day at CHP will be January 2, 2023.

“Janaka has had a phenomenal career at CHP, and for many of our peers and community partners, his name has become synonymous with CHP,” said Charles Famuliner, Board Chair. “We celebrate his many accomplishments and decades of service.”

Jeffrey Reed

Jeffrey Reed

The CHP Board of Directors has announced that Jeffrey Reed, President of CHP, will succeed Casper as CEO in January and retain the title of President. Reed has more than 20 years of financial and corporate management experience at CHP. Prior to becoming President in 2017, Reed served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), where he oversaw asset management, multifamily development, construction, and financial management for CHP. He currently oversees all operations for the organization and holds board positions with NeighborWorks Capital and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF).

“We have been anticipating this retirement and working on a succession plan for some time, starting with the decision to split the CEO and President responsibilities in 2017,” Famuliner explained. “Over the past five years, we have not only seen Janaka take steps to prepare CHP for a seamless transition, but also witnessed Jeff rise to the occasion as President during a period of growth and change.”

Famuliner added that the Board of Directors has the full confidence in CHP’s leadership team to carry out the organization’s mission. “We believe that this is the right decision to ensure continuity and consistency within the organization and move forward with the least disruption to CHP’s mission and culture,” he said.

In the upcoming weeks and months, CHP will share more information about Casper’s many accomplishments at CHP, from his appointment as Executive Director of what was then Virginia Mountain Housing in 1982 to his leadership over the multistate nonprofit that we are in 2022. CHP will also provide opportunities for employees and community partners to thank Casper for his years of service. (Read more about Casper’s history with CHP.)