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Blacksburg Affordable Housing Program

Want to own a home in downtown Blacksburg? Now is your opportunity!

It's never too late to become a homeowner. Just ask BeaAnn Hypes, a first-time homeowner in Blacksburg, who achieved her dream with help from CHP Homeownership and the Blacksburg Affordable Housing Program.

Owning a home in downtown Blacksburg just got a whole lot more affordable. CHP Homeownership is currently revitalizing a neighborhood near downtown Blacksburg. Over the next few years, we will be renovating homes in a desirable neighborhood close to downtown. These homes come with significant down payment assistance and will be affordable to qualified buyers who meet certain income restrictions.

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A full-service real estate brokerage in Virginia's New River Valley, CHP Homeownership ensures a straightforward homebuying experience that improves customers’ knowledge and comfort with the homebuying process and increases long-term success. The homeownership team also works to strengthen communities by developing attractive, single-family homes for qualifying individuals and families.

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