October 6, 2023

Participants learning from the instructor during the first class at the Baltimore Training CenterIn a stride towards advancing weatherization efforts in the Mid-Atlantic region, the CHP Energy Solutions Research and Training Center in Baltimore recently opened its doors to weatherization professionals seeking to hone their skills and knowledge. This inaugural class marks a pivotal moment in the journey toward bridging the gap between weatherization expertise and building science principles.

CHP Energy Solutions has been serving Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware for the past ten years to provide training to weatherization agencies. Until now, staff faced the challenge of utilizing temporary spaces and coordinating housing arrangements for quality training. The newly established CHP Energy Solutions Training Center in Baltimore is poised to change the landscape of weatherization training in the region.

After nearly a year of extensive renovations and reconfigurations, training center staff members successfully conducted their first class in August. Six weatherization professionals from New Jersey had the privilege of participating in the Retrofit Installer Technician course, which offered a blend of in-class and hands-on training experiences.

The Baltimore Training Center aims to replicate the success of the New River Valley Training Center in Christiansburg, Virginia, offering a comprehensive array of training programs and resources. CHP Energy Solutions is committed to simultaneously helping Mid-Atlantic weatherization agencies with Building Performance Institute (BPI) re-certifications while maintaining a robust calendar of offerings for all tiers of weatherization staff.

Instructor assisting participant during the first class at the Baltimore Training CenterPhil Hull, Director of the CHP Energy Solutions Training Center, expressed his enthusiasm about the new location and the opportunities it brings to the network. “Our hope and understanding are that this training center will close the training needs gap for Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware,” said Hull. “As the only IREC (Interstate Renewable Energy Council) accredited training center in the tri-state region, I anticipate this facility will help provide a service to those who serve others in a way that has not existed in the past. This need has been growing over the years, and the idea of bringing a physical training center to the area has been a 2.5-year vision come full circle.”

The inaugural class at the CHP Energy Solutions Training Center in Baltimore marks the beginning of a transformative journey in weatherization training. As more professionals pass through its doors, equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on experience, the region can look forward to a brighter, more energy-efficient future.