Your Charitable Donations Help Us Help Others

CHP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) social enterprise community development corporation and all contributions are tax-deductible.

With your support, we provide housing and related services and programs to low-income individuals, families, seniors, and people with special needs to help strengthen our communities and create better opportunities for our clients.

Our return-on-investment is consistently high: 93 cents of every dollar is spent directly on programs with only seven percent of our funding going towards administrative costs such as overhead, payroll, employee benefits, management, marketing and fundraising expenses.

Since 1975, CHP has invested $440,000,000 in communities through real estate development; grown its multi-family housing inventory to almost 6,000 units; weatherized approximately 34,000 homes; and assisted over 360,500 individuals with their housing, financial, and social needs. During 2016, over 700 organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals supported our efforts.

The smallest donation helps. Our sincerest appreciation goes out to you for helping in any way you can.