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Preparatory Course for BPI Heating Exam

Credentialed Class

Course Description

BPI certified professionals are specialists in their chosen field(s). By attaining your certification, you demonstrate your knowledge and skills are among the best in the country – capable of diagnosing critical performance factors in a home that impact comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency. All BPI certified professional designations are based on house-as-a-system fundamental building science. The designations are not meant to take the place of your other qualifications, but to enhance them and build upon them to make you one of the most valuable contributors to the home performance industry. Our Preparatory Course for BPI Heating Exam will teach you to optimize the performance of heating equipment to help save energy and ensure occupant comfort, health and safety. The heating professional certification looks at how the safety and efficiency of the heating equipment can be improved. However, before improvements can take place, recognition of the different heating systems needs to be reviewed.

  • Recall how the HVAC system works in the house-as-a-system approach
  • Recognize HVAC systems
  • Identify HVAC component/operation
  • Differentiate gas and oil systems
  • Recognize venting types
  • Demonstrate combustion safety testing
  • Demonstrate worst case draft testing
  • Compute combustion air requirements
  • Heating system identification
  • Worst case draft testing

The BPI written and field exams are included in the cost. Contact the Training Center for group pricing information.

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