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Manufactured Housing Fundamentals

Course Description

The Online Manufactured Housing Fundamentals course is an introduction to weatherizing manufactured homes. A significant percentage of our housing stock is manufactured homes. These homes require different processes for some of the weatherization tasks and present different challenges than stick-built homes. This course gives students a start towards understanding how to approach weatherizing manufactured homes This 2-hour course is delivered via our Learning Management System, Athena.

  • Recall the problems and opportunities that manufactured housing presents
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the basic processes and tools of weatherization including blower door testing, CAZ testing, and manometer usage
  • List the major retrofit options available for manufactured housing
  • An understanding of the manufactured housing retrofit process
  • How to use the basic tools of the weatherization industry (blower door, manometer, and duct tester) on manufactured housing
  • Written Section
  • :

Grading Criteria

The final test consists of a single multiple choice-true/false exam. Students pass with an 80% score or higher. If a student does not pass a section, he or she will be allowed to retake that particular section in accordance with CHP Energy Solutions' retesting policy.

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