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Crew Leader

Credentialed Class

Course Description

Crew Leader is based on a National Renewable Energy Laboratory/U.S. Department of Energy Job Task Analysis (JTA) of the same name. Students taking this class should have experience in the field as either an existing Crew Leader or a Retrofit Installer Technician. The course will cover all aspects of the Crew Leader’s position. This includes: work order review, staffing, executing the work order on site, preparing the house to execute the work order, managing the project, testing and final documentation. Each part will be broken down into smaller subsections which include: material selection, diagnostic testing, communication, construction math, building science and retrofit techniques. This course is designed to prepare qualified students to take the BPI Home Energy Professional Crew Leader certification exam. The majority of the class is spent in our state-of-the-art training labs, practicing the skills needed to become a successful Crew Leader. Students will get feedback about learning progress by taking online quizzes via our Learning Management System (LMS) throughout the course. Students will take one written test, also delivered through our LMS, and two hands-on tests of the skills that were practiced. Upon successful completion of the tests, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Identify and disperse necessary paper work
  • Develop corrective action strategies (safety concerns)
  • Identify materials and staffing needs
  • Conduct client interviews (client interaction)
  • Conduct thorough interior and exterior inspections
  • Develop a plan to protect the home during retrofit activities
  • Manage the work of the technicians (safety, tool and material selection, sequencing of work)
  • Perform diagnostic testing (blower door, worst case draft testing, combustion testing)
  • Effectively manage contractors
  • Complete final documentation

Grading Criteria

The exam consists of three sections: Written, CAZ Hands-on, and Blower Door Hands-on. Both hands-on sections are timed: one hour for the CAZ hands-on section and 30 minutes for the Blower Door hands-on section. The student must pass each section with an 80% score or higher. If a student does not pass a section, he or she will be allowed to retake that particular section in accordance with CHP Energy Solutions Research and Training's retesting policy.

Note: The BPI Home Energy Professional Crew Leader certification is a separate test with an additional fee.

To enroll in this course, students must be 18 or older, submit a valid Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certification, and pass a Crew Leader prerequisite pre-test which assesses their literacy levels, understanding of basic math, and understanding of basic building science.

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