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BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector Review Quizzes

Course Description

This course is designed to refresh students on each domain and task from the Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis through 18 online quizzes. Students may take each quiz in the course as many times as desired over the duration of the course enrollment period.

  • Domain A - Task 1
  • Verify worker compliance with safety rules
  • Domain A - Task 2
  • Assure worker professionalism
  • Domain A - Task 3
  • Address work problems
  • Domain A - Task 4
  • Evaluate client satisfaction regarding the in-process work
  • Domain B - Task 1
  • Review client file and the work scope
  • Domain B - Task 2
  • Perform an exterior and interior visual/sensory inspection
  • Domain B - Task 3
  • Evaluate client satisfaction
  • Domain B - Task 4
  • Determine pass/fail of the work
  • Domain C - Task 1
  • Conduct health and safety tests
  • Domain C - Task 2
  • Conduct diagnostic tests

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