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Advanced HVAC Troubleshooting

Course Description

Advanced HVAC Troubleshooting provides a detailed look at  HVAC system control adjustments, parts replacement, diagnostic testing, and testing of electrical control systems. The class curriculum is suitable for HVAC technicians and those seeking a better understanding of heating system troubleshooting. The class focuses on a variety of heating systems and how to properly test for their safe and efficient operation. Hands-on practice with these systems in our HVAC Lab is a core component of this class.  COURSE OBJECTIVES Recognize the different heating systems components and discuss their function/adjustment Systematically address technical issues with heating and cooling systems Utilize tools and diagnostics to understand what adjustments or repairs need to be made Use lab experience with functioning equipment to give students a practical understanding of the lessons being taught SKILLS YOU'LL TAKE HOME  Oil furnaces      changing nozzles                      adjusting pump pressure       adjusting air band                    proper location for combustion testing            general troubleshooting  Gas furnaces      replacing thermocouple       adjusting gas pressure           proper location for CO testing and air band adjustments       general troubleshooting  Electric furnaces      replacement of relays/sequencers, etc.                  cleaning blower motors          general troubleshooting  Heat pumps      proper cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils      general troubleshooting(no refrigerant charging/recovery)        

  • Oil furnaces - changing nozzles
  • Oil furnaces - adjusting pump pressure
  • Oil furnaces - adjusting air band
  • Oil furnaces - proper location for combustion testing
  • Oil furnaces - troubleshooting problems with unit
  • Gas furnaces - replacing thermocouple
  • Gas furnaces - adjusting gas pressure
  • Gas furnaces - proper location for CO testing and air band adjustments
  • Gas furnaces - troubleshooting problems with unit
  • Electric furnaces - troubleshooting problems with unit

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