June 24, 2024

Community Housing Partners (CHP), which provides affordable and sustainable housing throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, is currently rehabilitating four properties in Virginia: Northway Apartments in Galax, Wellesley Commons Apartments in Newport News, Grayson Manor in Independence, and Holly Court in Kilmarnock.

Building exterior at Northway Apartments prior to recent renovations.

Northway Apartments Before Renovations

With construction expected to be completed in July 2024 at Northway Apartments, residents are already experiencing the positive impact of the renovations. Improved accessibility features like new balconies and updated lighting make it easier and safer to navigate their living spaces. Additionally, energy-efficient appliances are being installed, promising lower utility bills moving forward. The introduction of water submetering also promotes responsible water use and fair billing.

“The most rewarding aspect of these rehabilitations is seeing the resident’s reactions to their renovated home,” said Andy Davenport, CHP’s Vice President of Real Estate Development. “They love the new kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring, and get to benefit from the improved accessibility features, lower utility bills, and a more comfortable living environment. At CHP, we’re dedicated to ensuring our residents have a safe and secure place to call home.”

Building exterior at Northway Apartments after renovations.

Northway Apartments After Renovations

The benefits extend beyond the residents’ doorsteps. The revitalized property will increase the availability of affordable, accessible units, contributing to broader community revitalization efforts. The renovation is also creating local jobs, stimulating the economy and encouraging social cohesion as construction progresses.

The Real Estate Development team is also building on CHP’s experience with sustainable construction at Northway. The team is pursuing EarthCraft certification and aiming for a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating of 80 or less. The construction team will integrate better insulation throughout the property, one of many sustainability features offering long-term environmental and financial benefits for residents and the community.

CHP is also committed to utilizing resident feedback. At each property, residents were notified of the intended rehabilitation and given an opportunity to complete a survey to gauge their housing needs and preferences. Community meetings were held to allow residents to respond to the planned improvements and to ensure that any concerns would be addressed during the renovations. Resident input was incorporated into the plans for each of the four rehabilitations underway at CHP.

At Wellesley Commons, the ongoing renovation mirrors Northway’s focus on sustainability and accessibility. Through the replacement of outdated infrastructure and the addition of energy-efficient appliances, the renovation will provide a safe and affordable living environment while contributing to the revitalization of the entire community. Construction is underway, and residents can look forward to similar improvements.

The renovation at Holly Court Apartments prioritizes preserving and enhancing aging HUD-assisted housing, ensuring long-term affordability for low-income residents. Upon completion, the revitalized homes will achieve EarthCraft Gold certification and will meet Virginia Housing’s Universal Design criteria, creating a healthier, more accessible living space for seniors. Renovations are currently in progress to address those needs.

Similarly, the rehabilitation at Grayson Manor is tackling accessibility and energy efficiency challenges while aiming to restore the property to a like-new condition. Once renovations are complete, residents can expect an improved quality of life, while the surrounding community will benefit from affordable housing preservation and sustainable practices. With updated accessible units, residents will be able to age in place at Grayson Manor.

Construction at Wellesley Court, Holly Court, and Grayson Manor is expected to be completed in fall 2024.