May 24, 2023

Kris Van Zandt in front of his home

Kris Van Zandt stands in front of his home while installers with SunDay Solar mount the solar array.

When Kris Van Zandt and his partner bought their home in Gordonsville, Virginia, several years ago, they knew that gradual improvements would need to be made over time. “This house was built in the early 1980s. I knew our baseboard heaters were energy hogs, I could see it in the bill. There was a lot of stuff I really wanted to do,” Van Zandt said.

Eager to make changes, Van Zandt learned about an energy efficiency program that his mother had qualified for and decided to explore his own eligibility. Upon approval, the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) performed an energy audit and installed energy efficiency measures as part of Dominion Energy’s EnergyShare program, leaving Van Zandt thrilled with the results.

With the added insulation in the attic, LED light bulbs throughout the home, and other energy-saving measures installed, Van Zandt noticed a significant improvement in the comfort and efficiency of his home. About a year later, he received a call from CHP Energy Solutions about a new solar program through Dominion Energy.

His past participation in the EnergyShare program made Van Zandt eligible for the solar initiative, but his roof would need to be replaced first. With funding through the Weatherization Deferral Repair (WDR) program, Southern Companies of Virginia replaced his aging roof shingles. Van Zandt then jumped on the solar program.

After an assessment, SunDay Solar confirmed that Van Zandt’s house was an ideal candidate for solar panels. Over the next few months, he completed all the necessary paperwork. In April 2023, SunDay Solar began installing one of the first solar arrays through Dominion Energy’s Income and Age Qualifying Solar Program on Van Zandt’s roof. “I try to be eco-friendly, and this is a huge step in that direction,” he said. “But the biggest part is the finances. This will lower my energy bill, and I’ll see financial savings rights away.”

SunDay Solar employee Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson with SunDay Solar holds a 365-watt solar module.

Grace Clair from SunDay Solar expressed enthusiasm about this initiative. “SunDay Solar is so excited to work with CHP Energy Solutions and other partners to make solar energy more affordable and accessible than ever -because solar is for everybody!” she said.

Alicia Farmer with SunDay Solar added, “It has been a privilege to witness the birth and growth of the Dominion Low Income Solar Program. We’ve embarked on a transformative journey, empowering communities and paving the way towards a sustainable future.”

Launched in 2022, Dominion Energy’s Income and Age Qualifying Solar Program provides no-cost solar to qualifying customers in Virginia. The solar program acts as a companion program to Dominion Energy’s energy efficiency programs, both reducing customers’ energy use and providing clean energy generation on site. Participants can receive up to 4.99 kW of solar generation, along with the potential for roof replacement or a ground mount system, all installed by NABPC-certified, fully licensed professionals. The program includes a 25-year warranty and monitoring and is exclusively available to Dominion Energy customers who have previously participated in a program aimed at enhancing their building’s envelope. Eligible participants must have a suitable roof or adjacent land for solar generation and a permanent foundation for their home.

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CHP Energy Solutions and SunDay Solar staff

Mohammad Sharafmal and Marci Thomas with CHP Energy Solutions discuss the inverter system with Nate Smith of SunDay Solar.