October 23, 2023

Community Housing Partners (CHP), in collaboration with industry-leading partners, is proud to announce an innovative project aimed at enhancing energy efficiency training in the Southeast. The initiative will involve the creation of a training video on auditing and installing energy efficiency measures in a single-family home.

CHP Energy Solutions crew members inside a home in Blacksburg, Virginia

This project unites CHP Energy Solutions with The Energy Conservatory (TEC), Quick AC Quote, and industry experts John and Jeff Tooley. TEC, a Minneapolis-based company known for manufacturing precision diagnostic equipment for building science professionals, is sponsoring the video production, leveraging its resources and expertise to enhance energy efficiency in homes. John and Jeff Tooley, celebrated figures in the building science industry, will also play a significant role in this initiative. Quick AC Quote, a premier HVAC installer based outside of Richmond, Virginia, completes the partnership.

These partners will film the training video in the northern part of Blacksburg, Virginia, where CHP has identified an ideal candidate—a family of six, including four children, residing in a single-family home. Generously funded by the federally supported Weatherization Assistance Program and the Appalachian Power TakeCharge Program, the family will receive energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits at no cost. These enhancements will improve the home’s energy efficiency and comfort and reduce the family’s utility bills.

A CHP Energy Solutions staff member with an HVAC system in BlacksburgThe project, scheduled for this week from Monday through Wednesday, includes replacing the HVAC system, adding insulation to the attic and floor, duct sealing, air sealing, installing LED light bulbs, kitchen and bath aerators, and bathroom showerheads. Future improvements will involve encapsulating the crawlspace and installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) and a crawlspace dehumidifier.

Meghan McMillen, Director of Weatherization Programs and Services at CHP Energy Solutions, shared her enthusiasm for the project: “We’re excited to work with our partners to make a positive impact on this family’s home in Blacksburg. This project showcases the importance of energy efficiency measures, especially as we head into the colder months.”