Media Technology

The Media Technology Solutions (MTS) team members enable all the courses CHP teaches at our Research and Training Center. The MTS team produces creative solutions for technology problems utilizing expertise in learning theory; curriculum development; curriculum evaluation; information technology; computer application development; media production (including video, 3D animation, audio, and graphic design); web design; technical writing; technology evaluation; and research.

We can bring visions to reality using our proven methods:

  • Developing content knowledge into a course
  • Reaching trainees in various locations simultaneously
  • Revising and repackaging existing curricula for online delivery
  • Just-in-time and on-demand learning
  • Solving instructional problems
  • Technical training
  • Occupational training
  • Management and leadership training
  • “Train the Trainers”
  • Community outreach training
  • Increasing effectiveness of community outreach materials
  • Promoting services more effectively and reaching a wider audience
  • Making memorable presentations
  • Offering sustainable solutions through ongoing maintenance and refinement
  • Research and development of new and emerging technologies and instructional methods


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