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OSHA 30 - Construction

Instructor-led course (703)

Course description

OSHA 30 - Construction is a part of an OSHA outreach program that results in a valid DOL/OSHA 30-Hour Card. This certificate-level review of occupational safety and health for construction workers is beneficial for all construction personnel but is specifically designed for supervisors or workers with some safety responsibilities. It provides an overview of OSHA regulations, and teaches recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. This course also includes information regarding Health and Safety program development and implementation. It will provide the student with the knowledge to comply with OSHA’s training program requirements in the construction industry.

Course objectives

  • Explain the goal of OSHA and how that program is administered and enforced
  • Discuss worker’s rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint
  • Summarize OSHA’s prevention programs
  • Understand how to implement a Health and Safety Plan
  • Recognize the OSHA Focus Four Hazards
  • Choose the correct Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment for the hazard
  • Identify Health Hazards in Construction
  • Recognizing stairway and ladder safety

Skills you'll take home

  • Preparing your jobsite for an OSHA inspection
  • Understanding your rights as an employee
  • Ability to identify your employer’s responsibilities
  • Participate in prevention progam
  • Ability to develop a health and safety plan for your company
  • Work site hazard recognition
  • Job site health hazard recognition
  • Selecting the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment


This course is mostly lecture based, but will provide many opportunities for discussion of topics relevant to the students daily activities. There are several hours of electives allowing this course to be customized to some extent for the class’s specific needs. The course will include classroom quizzes and materials to take back that highlight the main safety points of each section. Student participation is a very important part of this course and highly encouraged.

Grading criteria and passing score

The final test consists of one written section. Students must pass the written section with a 80% score or higher. If a student does not pass the section, he or she will be allowed to retake it in accordance with CHP Energy Solutions Research and Training's retesting policy.

Grading plan

  • 25 points(20 points to pass)
    Written Section

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