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Everett joined CHP Energy Solutions in Winter 2021 as a Business Development Specialist. He is responsible for supporting teams across Energy Solutions, while driving outreach and partnerships across Virginia.

Prior to CHP, Everett worked for the Harrisonburg Housing Authority, where he partnered with lower-income families in increasing their self-sufficiency while overseeing organizational communications. Everett helped found the Kelley Street Garden in Harrisonburg, an 11-plot community garden serving residents in the Harrison Heights neighborhood. He has supported and led numerous community initiatives around solar, sustainable business, and more. 

Everett holds a B.A. in Environmental Sustainability from EMU and an M.A. in Environmental Communication & Advocacy from JMU. 

Energy Solutions

CHP Energy Solutions promotes healthier, safer, more energy efficient built environments by providing energy audits, inspections, energy performance upgrades, and building science education.

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