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Dianna Mastroianni joined CHP as Vice President of Property Management in 2018. She is responsible for the strategic direction, operation, and profitability of CHP’s multifamily portfolio. In addition to setting property performance goals, budget analysis, marketing, personnel management, and industry partnerships, Dianna is charged with working collaboratively across CHP’s departments to enhance the sustainability of the nonprofit’s communities and the health and satisfaction of its residents. Dianna hails from the California-based EAH Housing, where she was employed since 2001. She spent 13 years as a vice president at EAH with responsibility for property management, asset management, compliance, and resident services. After relocating to the East Coast in 2017, Dianna continued to work with EAH as a business development consultant.

Housing Services

CHP not only offers desirable, economical homes to own or rent, but also encourages personal and community success through supportive services and programming. CHP Housing Services includes Asset Management, Homeownership, Property Management, and Resident Services.

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