May 24, 2016

CHP is proud to announce the recent creation of a new corporate-wide Diversity Committee. Comprised of CHP employees and a Board of Directors member, the purpose of the Diversity Committee is to support the company’s initiative to hire, retain and develop a more diverse workforce at all levels. The committee will support these efforts by engaging in open dialogue and operating as a vehicle for diversity-related issues within the organization. 
Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic today as more employers are making the move to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. CHP views diversity as a critically important issue and has always encouraged a working environment that fosters diverse viewpoints, experiences, and cultures to promote the organization’s mission of creating healthy and sustainable affordable housing. However, the desire to do more to attract a diverse workforce that better represents the communities that are served by CHP led to the creation of the Diversity Committee. 
“Diversity means people who have different life experiences; the opportunity that diversity affords is being able to hear these different life experiences and shape or alter a world-view based on them,” said Raj Casper, Energy Solutions Assistant Training Center Director. “Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and questioning one’s preconceived notions about others often leads to novel ways of thinking.”
Cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion is crucial to CHP as an organization and there is an absolute understanding that this is an important issue. For any member of a culture who has experienced prejudice and discrimination, the topic is meaningful and emotional. CHP wishes to create a work environment where differences are not only acknowledged, but embraced as well. The Diversity Committee is focusing on generating, evaluating, and recommending new and possible changes to existing policies, and identifying challenges and opportunities associated with diversity-related efforts. 
The three focus areas of the committee are: improving internal communication around diversity, supporting employment opportunities that attract diverse candidates, and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace environment/culture. 
In addition to monthly teleconference meetings, committee members are encouraged to attend events related to issues concerning diversity and enhancing a culture of inclusion at CHP. Members share these experiences with the group and organizational leadership.

“To me, diversity is about acceptance and respect – it means recognizing that everyone is unique,” said Melissa Hammond, CHP Communications Manager. “It means working to understand each other, and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity found within every person.”

The Diversity Committee consists of Chairperson Tiffany Little, Resident Services Manager; Andy Hall, Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President; Racquel Reddie, Board of Directors Member; Melissa Hammond, Communications Manager; Kelly Field, Senior Compliance Specialist; Lina Robinson, Property Manager; Raj Casper, Energy Solutions Assistant Training Center Director; Zaida Reyes, Regional Resident Services Coordinator; and Megan Gross, Homeownership Marketing and Communications Specialist.