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Stimulus Package Means Expanded Weatherization Services

Christiansburg, Va. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) plan enacted into law this past February, weatherization providers such as CHP have begun to see a major increase in home weatherization services they offer. President Obama’s stimulus bill, in conjunction with a significant increase in weatherization money from Congress earlier this winter, means CHP will ultimately experience an increase in weatherization funding by almost ten times the annual production level for at least the next two years, according to Bill Beachy, CHP’s Vice President of Energy Services.

 “The increase in weatherization funding is helping us to create even more homes that are safer and more energy-efficient, which consequently means a reduced impact on the environment and our clients’ bank accounts,” Beachy said.

In fact, since October, 2008, CHP has:

- Doubled the number of our crew staff from 15 to 30 employees
- Almost quadrupled our production since this time last year
- Witnessed the growth of our waiting list from approximately 165 households to almost   800
- Provided well over 6,000 hours of training related to the ARRA
- Increased average materials cost per job from $1,521 to $3,675
- Quadrupled the amount of work subcontracted out for single-family housing
- Committed over $12 million to subcontracted weatherization and weatherization-related work for multi-family properties