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CHP Exec Selected for Prestigious Training Program

CHP Executive Vice President and COO Orlando Artze is one of 50 national leaders recently selected by NeighborWorksr America to participate in its highly selective training program at Harvard University called Achieving Excellence in Community Development.

Now in its fourth year, Achieving Excellence is an 18-month comprehensive organizational development program that helps senior managers at local non-profit organizations become better at addressing the critical challenges facing their organizations, increasing their positive impact within communities, enhancing fundraising capacity, and improving relationships with local governments. Importantly, this type of program increases nonprofit leadership retention rates while also fostering collaboration and innovation inside the nonprofit community.

“What is so outstanding about this program is that it demands I shape and conduct my learning efforts around specific challenges that will significantly impact CHP,” said Artze. “We will have to set, and hold ourselves accountable for achieving goals relevant to our own company."

Janaka Casper, President and CEO of CHP, was a member of the first class of students to participate in this high-impact program. “Achieving Excellence was a life-changing experience for me, both personally and professionally. I know that Orlando is excited about this learning opportunity and we both feel that this experience will contribute to CHP’s continued growth as a leader in the affordable housing industry,” said Casper.

NeighborWorksr America is a national nonprofit organization that provides financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based revitalization efforts.