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CHP Gears Up for NeighborWorks Week

Community Housing Partners (CHP) has scheduled three separate projects this year for the 25th annual NeighborWorks® Week, all with the goal to create affordable, green, sustainable housing opportunities and services for the people and communities we serve.

During National NeighborWorks® Week, June 7–14, CHP and other NeighborWorks® organizations across the country will mobilize tens of thousands of business people, residents and government officials in a week of neighborhood change and awareness. They will rehab and repair homes, paint and landscape properties, conduct neighborhood tours, recognize successful partnerships and host a number of events that educate, train and inform. In 2007, more than 7,000 families benefited from the week’s activities nationwide.

CHP will kick off NeighborWorks® Week with Paint Day on Saturday, June 7 in Christiansburg, Virginia.  CHP employees and volunteers from the local Home Depot will help revitalize the house of a disabled, elderly man with an all-new coat of paint and planted window boxes.

The Lynnhaven Landing Playground Design Day is CHP’s second project for the week, to be held on Wednesday, June 11 at the Lynnhaven Landing apartments community center in Virginia Beach.   Lynnhaven Landing’s children and parents will have the opportunity to work with a professional playspace designer and CHP staff members to design their dream playground, which will then be built later this summer in partnership with KaBoom! and the Home Depot Foundation.  Creative and interactive projects and activities will engage the children in the design process, while parents will learn how to make the project a reality through logistical planning, community outreach, fundraising, and good old fashioned sweat equity!  

The final project will be on Friday, June 13, when CHP staff members and residents will come together to create a healthy play opportunity and environment for children by installing a new and much-needed playground at the Blue Ridge Commons apartments in Charlottesville, Virginia.  On this day, resident children will have the opportunity to participate in exciting games and activities after school, while parents will be encouraged to join CHP volunteers as they set up the new play equipment on the property.